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Chico Performance Racing® is an award-winning engine shop whose reliable and quality built engines have received critical acclaim throughout the VW scene. The CPR® customer list includes many types of car owners including street, drag, off-road, and stock. Custom long blocks and turnkey engines are built to order using top of the line parts and the best components available today. All parts are either new, or they have been completely and precisely overhauled. 1776cc and larger turnkey engines are dyno-tuned and tested for maximum performance in our very own dyno room. After testing, every engine is thoroughly inspected prior to shipping to ensure that a top quality product is delivered to each customer.

Recent Builds

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Just Installed the longblock Chico built me, and I must say, it is nothing short of top-notch work. I highly recommend him for any of your VW engine needs. He did everything he said he would do and more. He is a great guy to deal with.
- thinkvw
Chico built us the 1776 turnkey and it's awesome! Aside from the quality and craftsmanship, the motor was delivered early and his customer service is outstanding. Anytime you put a brand new motor into a 37 yr old car, there are going to be some quirks. Chico answered every single one of my calls and gave me precise and accurate answers without fail.  Nowadays customer service calls for major companies get answered in India. Chico is good ole fashioned USA honesty and integrity. Bottom line is if you want the best, call my friend Chico!!
- Virago Dude